Our Story


The Crew Family Restaurant and Bakery was founded by a group of ten people which consist of ex-Perkins employees, family and friends who have the heart and dedication to put everything on the line to bring a family style restaurant into the very building most of us started our careers in.

Our lives changed forever when Perkins restaurant unexpectedly closed it's doors in June of 2011. Although we had to start over and move onto different restaurants or careers, the majority of us stayed in touch. Even though we never found a place we could call home, a large group of us ended up in the same restaurant. We quickly realized we were bonded not only as co-workers but as family.

It was always in our hearts and minds to come together and open our own restaurant in the place we called home for so many years. We are a very strong group of ten people who have over 150 years of restaurant and management experience. We strive to bring the family back into family dining. We not only care about our team but our guests are just as important to us.

We welcome you and your family in with open arms and hope you have a great experience. We all thank you for being a part of this great adventure.